Florida Baseball: Jac Caglianone didn't care whether or not the ball had a family

The Gator star hit the furthest homerun in the history of Statcast
Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

The season is in limbo for Florida Baseball and the Gators are about to enter a murder's row of games as Florida is about to embark on four straight weekend series against top ten opponents.

But whether the Gators are winning or losing, Jac Caglianone continues to do things that nobody in the history of the sport has ever done before.

Florida Baseball: Bye Bye Baseball

The Gators beat Jacksonville last night 12-1 in a run rule shorten game. Florida had five pitchers combine to give up just five hits (Jake Clemente, Frank Menendez, Blake Purnell, Ryan Slater, and Landon Russell) while Tyler Shelnut hit two home runs on the night.

All of those became a footnote to what Caglianone did in the fourth inning. With Ty Evans on base, Caglianone was given a fastball on an 0-1 count and made pitcher Dylan Faulkner question his decision to ever pick up a baseball when he was a child.

516 feet later the ball landed somewhere on the campus of UF and Caglianone etched his name into the history books.

Since the inception of Statcast, which began its full usage in MLB in 2015, Caglianone's homerun is the further anyone has ever hit whether it is in MLB or in college.

He now has a homerun in seven straight games and 61 for his career at Florida, 13 behind the all-time record set by Matt LaPorta from 2004 to 2007.

Florida next game is this Thursday against Vanderbilt.