Five times the Florida Gators overcame "The Final Boss"

Much like Cody Rhodes, Florida has had to come face to face with The Final Boss

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4. 1996 Football Against FSU

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Under Steve Spurrier, Florida had been steadily rising to a place of national relevance. After never winning 10 games in program history, Florida had won at least 10 games in 1991, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Florida appeared in the de facto National Title game in 1995 when it faced Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl. We are just going to pretend that game never happened.

In 1996, the Gators were marching towards another shot at the national title when it squared off with FSU to end the regular season. The Neighbors to the West were victorious 24-21.

Florida went on to win the SEC title and were paired up with FSU in the Sugar Bowl after Texas upset Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game and when Ohio State beat Arizona State in the Rose Bowl, it turned the Sugar Bowl into the national championship game.

Given a second chance against FSU, Spurrier famously utilized a shotgun formation and proceeded to put up 52 points to bring home Florida's first national title.