Five times the Florida Gators overcame "The Final Boss"

Much like Cody Rhodes, Florida has had to come face to face with The Final Boss
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3. 2010 Men's Track And Field Against Oregon

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The Gators are one of the premier powers in track and field. Under head coach Mike Holloway the men have won 11 national titles and the women have won two of their own.

But it wasn't always this way and in 2010 the trophy case was looking a little bare of recent trophies.

The Gators came close in 2009 to winning the indoor national title, but were outdone by Oregon and were forced to settle as runner-ups.

But in 2010, Jeff Demps won the 60-meter dash, Christian Taylor won the triple jump, and the Gators were able to put up 57 points to easily win their first-ever national title over Oregon and Texas A&M, who tied for second with 44 points.