Five times the Florida Gators overcame "The Final Boss"

Much like Cody Rhodes, Florida has had to come face to face with The Final Boss

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WrestleMania is this weekend and if one hasn't been paying attention the main storyline is that Cody Rhodes will be facing Roman Reigns for the title. Rhodes won the Royal Rumble to give himself this opportunity, but then tried to surrender his title shot to The Rock. Fans revolted, the WWE pivoted, and The Rock has joined sides with Reigns and is referring to himself as "The Final Boss."

The Florida Gators over the years have had their fair share of moments where they too have had to overcome The Final Boss to achieve a championship. The following are five notable moments where the Gators had to overcome a nemesis to reach the top.

Florida Gators: Look At You Now

1. 1998 Soccer Against North Carolina

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In 1998, Florida embarked on their fourth season ever as a soccer team. Their first three were a success, making the NCAA Tournament in 1996 and 1997 and compiling a record of 56-10-3.

In 1996 Florida made it to the Sweet 16, only to lose to North Carolina 9-0. Florida faced the Tar Heels again in 1997 in the tournament, only to lose 5-0.

In 1998 the Gators made it all the way to the NCAA Championship game with just one loss on the season. That lone loss was indeed to North Carolina, a 2-1 defeat in overtime.

Their opponent in the championship game?

You already know.

But this time around the Gators were able to overcome The Final Boss off a free kick from Danielle Fotopoulos for the lone goal of the game as Meredith Flaherty made eight saves to give the Gators a 1-0 win and the national title.