Five Florida Football players who should be hidden weapons in NCAA 25

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Nov 18, 2023; Columbia, Missouri, USA; Florida Gators wide receiver Eugene Wilson III (3) returns a
Nov 18, 2023; Columbia, Missouri, USA; Florida Gators wide receiver Eugene Wilson III (3) returns a / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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Earlier this week, we chronicled five Florida Football players that we felt would be undervalued in the upcoming NCAA 25 video game. After going 5-7, it is understandable why developers might underrate the Gators and why some players might not get valued.

But by that same token, we also believe there are five players that will still hold value in the video game universe. The following are five Gators that should be on the radar of every NCAA 25 player.

Florida Football: It's In The Game

Tre Wilson

So here is an admission: back during the days of NCAA 10, I didn't always pick the Gators to play with online. I liked poking around are trying out different teams to play with to uncover some hidden gems.

One of the teams that were really fun to use at the time was Oregon State. This was when they had the Rodgers brothers, Jacquizz and James, and the Beavers were a hard team to beat if one fed the ball to those two.

I bring this up because Tre Wilson has that kind of video game potential to be the reason people quit the game. If developers do their job, his speed and acceleration should be close to 99. And given how speed tends to destroy people in Madden, Wilson has a chance to be one of those hidden players that everyone winds up using.

Jason Marshall

His play on the actual field may have drawn some criticism in 2023, but Jason Mashall has a lot of attributes that should translate well into a video game.

At 6'1" and 200 pounds, he can be used as a physical corner in the game that potentially can lock people up when one on one.

And the attributes that were the source of angst for Gator fans, such as tackling, are things that would be user-controlled and mitigated within the video game.