Devin Moore looks to make an impact for Florida Football in 2024

The defensive back has been fighting off injuries the past two seasons.
Florida Gators cornerback Devin Moore (28) breaks up a pass for Florida State Seminoles wide
Florida Gators cornerback Devin Moore (28) breaks up a pass for Florida State Seminoles wide / Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun / USA

It's been a long journey for Florida Football cornerback Devin Moore during his time in Gainesville.

For the past two years, Moore's potential has been hindered by a series of setbacks, including a shoulder injury that required surgery, along with a concussion and illnesses that kept him sidelined. But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and Moore's resilience has been forged in the fires of adversity.

Moore touched on his journey at a recent press conference.

"I was definitely at my lowest a few moments between that season. But you know the support I had from my teammates, coaches, training staff, I took a lot of lessons out of it."

Devin Moore

Those lessons have manifested in a newfound dedication to his craft. Moore lost three pounds in the offseason, honing his physique through a rigorous strength and conditioning program under the watchful eye of Tyler Miles.

But it's not just physical transformation that has propelled Moore's resurgence. Enter Will Harris, the Gators' defensive backs coach, whose expertise in coaching lengthy cornerbacks has been powerful for the 6-foot-3, 197-pound Moore.

"At Washington, he's had a few long corners he coached that proved to be very successful, so he'll compare me to them. He preaches it just like me, technique. If I can be a great technician, not even have to use any of my physical traits, that's when the game gets real scary."

Harris's tutelage has already paid dividends, as Moore had an interception during the team scrimmage over the weekend.

"Just being able to learn from Coach Harris, and everything that he tells me, I'll write it down, go rep it, work it, all the extra time and work too Just bring all the new knowledge he brought and apply it on the field, technique wise."

If Moore can stay healthy and emerge as a top-end corner, it may finally give the Gators some much-needed stability in the secondary in 2024.