Concession stand prices are out of control at Florida Baseball games

You can get into the game for cheap, but good luck buying anything once there

it was an opening night record crowd for the Gators as 7,898 fans filled Condron Family Ballpark in
it was an opening night record crowd for the Gators as 7,898 fans filled Condron Family Ballpark in / Cyndi Chambers/Special to the

As a wise man once said, if you build it, they will come. Florida Baseball can attest to this as Condron Family Ballpark is a crowned jewel within college baseball since opening in 2021 and record crowds continue to stream in to watch the Gators.

But while getting into the ballpark is still very affordable, actually eating or drinking anything once there might require loan from Gator fans.

Florida Baseball: Who Needs To Eat Anyway?

Prices to watch Gator Baseball are very reasonable for one wanting to catch a game. Berm seating starts at $8 with seats behind home plate going for $20 to $30 on the resale market depending on the game.

It is a great way to spend an evening with the family and cheer on the Gators without having to break the bank.

"Daddy, daddy, I'm hungry"

"Alright son, let's go get something to eat...On second thought son, are you sure you are hungry..."

As Nick de la Torre of On3 points out, a cheeseburger at a Florida Baseball game costs $19. A slice of pizza runs for $16. A grilled cheese sandwich costs $10.

Um, what?

Two slices of bread and cheese cost $10? I could feed the whole damn baseball team grilled cheese sandwiches with $10.

There is a fine line between capitalism and straight-up exploitation. And as Reddit user Parlorshark points out, even Disney, the king of exploitation, is looking at Florida's prices and going, "You guys good over there?"

As de la Torre also points out, Sodexo USA is in charge of the concession stand for Florida and has autonomy over the prices. It's also hard to believe that Scott Stricklin and crew don't have the autonomy to step in and make changes unless they too are content with the situation.

It is legitimately cheaper to eat and drink at a Tampa Bay Lightning or Tampa Bay Rays game compared to a Florida Gators baseball game. And as college baseball is experiencing growth at a record pace, there has to be a sense of goodwill built into the ballpark experience and not just a feeling that we are all pawns in a giant profiteering scheme.

So next time you plan a trip to see Florida Gators baseball or softball, perhaps plan on eating ahead of time.

Or mosey over to the food trucks instead.