Colorado's lack of pace could cause problems for Florida Basketball

Florida likes to go fast, but has struggled against teams that don't

Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament is upon us and Florida Basketball now officially knows its first round opponent. Colorado knocked off Boise State 60-53 in the First Four to advance to the First Round against the Gators.

Florida was definitely keeping a close on and Colorado and probably noted that while the Gators like to run up and down the court, the Buffaloes do not.

And based on how the season has gone, that could cause problems for Florida.

Florida Basketball: Speed It Up

Florida averaged 76 possessions per game this season, the 10th most in the country. This isn't one of those stats that guarantees success or failure as it means their opponents also had 76 possessions per game. More so it is indicative of the style of play Todd Golden has wanted and how he prefers to keep things flowing up and down the court versus slowing things down in half court sets.

When matched against a team that also likes to run up and down the Gators have done quite well. Florida went 11-3 this season against teams that finished in the top 100 for possessions per game.

This of course means they went 13-7 against teams that ranked outside the top 100 in possessions per game.

Colorado ranks 143rd in pace at 71 possessions per game.

Against Boise State, Colorado prevailed with just 63 possessions. When one thinks of Florida's struggles this season, the data makes sense. When Florida has been forced to try and milk leads to the finish line they have struggled.

Thus, if Colorado can turn it into a half-court style game there is a pathway for some real danger for the Gators.

Even further advanced metrics seem to agree as a number of computer models predict this matchup to be a two game and the line from Vegas has Florida favored by just 1.5 points.