Florida football: Guess it wasn't "Florida vs Everybody"


Florida football, just like every school in the country, is dealing with multiple exits as players enter the transfer portal and look for a new school to play for.

Unlike every other school, however, the Gators are having to deal with the loss of their best player, Trevor Etienne.

Etienne entered the transfer portal on December 7th, and all we really knew was that he wanted to play for a team that had a chance to win it all and be competitive.

Now there has been an official On3 prediction that Trevor will choose to go to Athens and play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

So it seems like it never really was "Florida vs Everybody".

Florida football: It's a new era

This new era of college football is entirely different than what it used to be, and Gator fans are seeing evidence of that firsthand.

Players used to commit to a logo and a school and see it through until the end of their collegiate careers. Now they see dollar signs and the potential for instant winning and jump ship when things go south.

Now this is not an anti-transfer portal rant. The portal is a good thing and athletes having the freedom to move and make money is a major plus.

But some situations are different, and this is one of them.

Putting "Florida vs Everybody" on your eyeblack is a great way to win fans over until all signs point to you going to play for a rival.

Going on social media and telling your teammates to stay away from FSU in the portal, just to turn around and go to Athens isn't a great look either.

Being one of the most proud Gators for two years was great, but now you might be on the other sideline in Jacksonville.

College football is a business, and people get burned. It happens. But this one doesn't feel good for Florida fans if it goes the way everyone thinks it will.