Florida basketball: Where are the Gators in Lunardi's Bracketology?


Florida basketball is currently 6-3, with some solid wins over Florida State and Pitt, but also some tough losses to Wake Forest and Virginia.

With all the new transfer talent that Todd Golden has brought in, this Gators team has shown that they have the potential to be a real threat come the postseason, and potentially make a run in the tournament.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN agrees. In today's edition of Bracketology, Florida was featured as an at-large bid.

With SEC play coming up in a few weeks, the Gators will have plenty of opportunities to boost their resume and improve their tourney standing even more.

Florida basketball: Still room to improve

Florida was slotted in as a nine-seed this morning when Lunardi updated his projections. Their hypothetical matchup in the first round was against the Texas Longhorns.

Given that we're only in December, fans shouldn't put much, if any at all, into projected matchups in the tournament. They shouldn't get too attached to the number next to Florida's name either.

But we can still take away some good things from this.

With all of the roster turnover that the Gators had this offseason, the fact that they have been able to click well enough to string together some good wins is encouraging, especially with the injury troubles they have been dealing with.

Now, before we get to March, the Gators still have problems they need to address.

If they can get healthy, those issues will work themselves out. But at times we've seen the offense look the way it has over the past few seasons. They've gone on untimely cold streaks where they couldn't get anything going, and it cost them the game at Wake Forest.

With a few more easy games before conference play, Florida has a chance to iron out those wrinkles and become the best team they can be.