Florida football: Suspensions announced for Gators-Vols fight

Florida football got into a bit of a brawl on Saturday night in the final seconds of their win over the Tennessee Volunteers.

After Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel called a timeout for literally no reason, the Vols hit Graham Mertz late of UF’s fourth down play, which started a scrum with less than ten seconds on the clock.

Now that a few days have passed, we have the suspensions for the players that were directly involved.

Micah Mazzccua, Damieon George, and Dante Zanders are the three Gators who will miss some time next week.

Florida football: A small price to pay

Mazzccua, George, and Zanders will all be forced to miss the first half of the Gators’ game against Charlotte this upcoming weekend.

If there was any game left on the schedule where Florida could afford to be missing two of their OLs and a TE, it’s this one.

And personally, now that we know the nature of the punishments for these guys, I think it was absolutely worth it.

No, I am not endorsing throwing punches at guys wearing helmets. That isn’t very smart. But the willingness of those three guys to stand up for their QB in that spot sends a message to everyone who was watching: This Gators team cares about each other and is all in.

Only one player for Tennessee was suspended, Omarr Norman-Lott, who will also miss the first half of UT’s game next week against UTSA.

Oddly enough, Kamal Hadden, who was the one who squared up with Mazzccua, did not receive any punishment.

But in any case, both teams will be missing their players for just one half of an easy home game.

With the Gators now ranked 25th in the AP Poll, the momentum of their win over the Vols, and the fact that they rally around each other like they did Saturday night, there are multiple reasons to be excited for the rest of the fall.