Florida football: Gators shouldn’t struggle with Cowboy’s offense

Florida football is playing host to the McNeese State Cowboys this weekend in their home opener, searching for their first win of the 2023 season.

After dealing with the playmakers that the Utah Utes had on the field last weekend, they won’t need to worry about that as much when the Cowboys come to town.

McNeese State’s offense leaves a good bit to be desired and doesn’t have too much firepower that Florida will have to contain.

The Gators should be able to reset and have a good day in front of their home crowd as they get ready for Tennessee next weekend.

Florida football: No real identity

McNeese State’s biggest issue on the offensive side of the ball is that they don’t have a true identity or something that they can lean on.

When they try to run the ball and establish the ground game, it’s not evident that anybody wants to, or is capable of blocking.

Against Tarleton State in week one, McNeese ran the ball 37 times for 89 yards, which is just 2.4 yards per carry. There’s no space for the ball carriers to work in, and the defense is able to surround the ball carrier and keep him at bay.

It doesn’t get too much better in the air either. Their junior QB Nate Glantz, does have solid experience, but his arm doesn’t quite have enough power, and there isn’t much zip on the ball.

In week one he was 15/35 in the air for just 166 yards, which is only 4.7 yards per completion. To Gantz’s credit, he is a willing runner who is able to improvise well when a play breaks down. His legs will be a factor that the Gators will have to account for.

Given the Cowboy’s lack of playmakers and consistency, this is a game where Austin Armstrong and the Gators’ defense need to flex their muscles. A lot.

Princely Umanmielen will need to be a factor off the edge, Shemar James needs to keep up the pace he set against Utah, and guys in the secondary like Jason Marshall Jr. will need to force some turnovers to put this one away quickly.