Florida basketball: Gators have contacted grad transfer Charles Pride

Charles Pride, Bryant basketballC4 0317
Charles Pride, Bryant basketballC4 0317 /

Florida basketball and Todd Golden continue to reach out to the top talent in the transfer portal, looking to make some valuable additions to the team before next season.

One of their latest contacts is grad transfer Charles Pride from the Bryant Bulldogs.

Other schools that have reached out to Pride include NC State, Clemson, West Virginia, and others.

Pride is drawing lots of attention for good reason. He’s a consistent scorer across the board and does everything else well too. He isn’t just a one-dimensional guard.

Last season he scored 14.6 points per game, grabbed 6.1 rebounds, and dished out 2.4 assists. He also swiped 1.3 steals per game and was one of the most durable players in the country as he was on the court for over 34 minutes each game.

Pride is a great scorer, shooting 45.3% from the field, 37% from deep, and 84.8% from the free throw line. There isn’t anything that Pride is bad at, making him so appealing to a team like Florida that suffers from cold streaks just about every game.

Similar to Demarcus Sharp, Pride is the type of guy that the Gators could go to to get a bucket when they need it.

He had multiple games where he scored over 25 points, including a 28-point outing against FAU who we’ll see in the Sweet Sixteen this weekend.

Looking at the pursuit of Pride from Florida’s point of view, Golden will likely only take one of Pride and Sharp, if they both express interest in the Gators.

It’s hard to go wrong with either one, but making sure that at least one of them comes to Gainesville is imperative to the Gators’ success next season.

Florida doesn’t currently have a true point guard on their roster. Trey Bonham will take the role if nobody else comes on, but the Gators need one of these two transfers for their offense next season.

We’ll see if Golden can get it done.

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