Florida Football: USC Jr. fans whine over Gators Tweet

They say in the SEC that “It just means more.” More passion, more quality, and more trash talk. Florida football has been on the receiving end of its fair share of trash talk over the years, from teams doing the Gator Chomp because they don’t have their own cheer to teams deep frying an actual Gator for a team meal.

The irony is when other teams do it, it’s considered SAVAGE or (insert team) OWNS FLORIDA, but when Florida football bites back it’s classless. At least that was the word from South Carolina fans.


Florida Football: USC Jr fans get rattled over Tweet

Words like triggered, snowflake, safe space, etc. are overused and dumb. They are often just generic insults people throw out to invalidate having a debate with someone. So we are not going to say that USC Jr. fans were triggered by a Tweet that the Florida Gators sent out, but we are going to say that Gamecock reacted in a manner that one would expect from a Pac-12 fan and not an SEC fan.


The post itself wasn’t even a direct attack on the Gamecocks, it was a celebration of multiple Florida Gators earning player of the week honors. We ourselves even used the same pun during the game on our Twitter page. It is even more apropos when you consider Spencer Rattler himself was doing the Gator Chomp while a member of Oklahoma during the Cotton Bowl after Florida had given up on the season.

That didn’t stop USC Jr. fans from thinking the Tweet was a direct attack on Mr. Rattler and was a classless move by Florida football.



We get it that not being able to solve Patrick Toney’s defense is frustrating and the realization that your football program is forever mid came crashing down on you with the force of Desmond Watson blowing through your double team attempt.

Enjoy the Birmingham Bowl.

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