Florida Baseball: Sterlin Thompson Gets Drafted by Colorado Rockies

Sterlin Thompson Gets Drafted by Colorado Rockies

Sterlin Thompson got drafted by the Colorado Rockies with the 31st overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. The draft kicked off Sunday night, and Sterlin Thompson was the first of the draft eligible Florida Gators to be selected. The Colorado Rockies currently is 43-50 and fourth in the NL West and currently have the 15th-ranked farm system in the MLB.

Sterlin Thompson wasn’t quite a first-round pick but was a compensation pick, and the first player selected outside of the first round. Thompson joins Gonzaga pitcher Gabriel Hughes, Jordan Beck from Tennessee, and Jackson Cox from Toutle Lake High School as Colorado Rockies draft selections from the first night of the draft.

Heading into the draft, Thompson ended up as the 29th-ranked prospect, according to MLB.com. Thompson will provide the Rockies a left-handed bat that hit .332 in his two years at Florida. He continued to improve at Florida and shined in his sophomore season.

It is still unclear what Colorado plans to do with Thompson. They could move him to the infield or leave him as a right fielder.  Charlie Blackmon has been the constant right fielder for the Rockies, and we could see Thompson be his replacement as Blackmon is 36 years old and closing in on the end of his career.

One position of possibility could be moving him to second base. Thompson has an average arm, and having him at second base could be a place to put him so that he can use his excellent bat still while not needing a strong arm.

We will have to pay attention to Thompson’s progression in the minors to see what Colorado has planned for him, but it is always exciting to see former Florida Gators move onto the next level.

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