Florida Basketball: 3 Positives & 3 Negatives in Loss to Auburn

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3 Positives and 3 Negatives in Gators Loss to Auburn Tigers


This past Saturday night we witnessed the Florida Gators (9-5) fall to the Auburn Tigers (14-1) by a score of 85-75.  While this was somewhat expected considering the overall talent of Auburn, Florida basketball did a good job in staying close to Auburn for most of the game.  Florida did very well in some aspects of the game and struggled heavily in others, which led to this loss being a close game at the start of the second half.

Florida Gators
Auburn Tigers

While many fans will be disappointed with the outcome of this game, due to it being a loss to a divisional rival, there were also positives that showed during this game.  With another inter-conference game coming up for Florida on the 12th against a 14-1 LSU team, they should use this game to learn from their mistakes, as well as build on their strengths to put up a strong effort against the 21 seed.  With that, we move onto the positives for Florida that showed in this game:

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