Florida Gators nightmare continues

The Florida Gators had on of the most disappointing seasons in program history in 2021, resulting in firing of former head coach Dan Mullen. It continues to worsen after a New Year’s Eve nightmare.

Kirby Smart has a 4-2 record against the Florida Gators

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 31: Head Coach Kirby Smart of the Georgia Bulldogs throws oranges from the Orange Bowl trophy to teammates after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the Capital One Orange Bowl for the College Football Playoff semifinal game at Hard Rock Stadium on December 31, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The College Football Playoff semi-finals were played on Friday night, and it was a less than ideal result for Florida Gator fans. In the first match-up, Alabama proved to be too strong for the AAC champion. The Crimson Tide suffocated the Cincinnati Bearcats 27-6, leaving no doubt that the SEC still reigned supreme in college football. In the second semi-final, the Georgia Bulldogs absolutely annihilated the Michigan Wolverines 34-11. A rather embarrassing performance from Michigan, they had their doors blown off right from the opening drive. 34-11 is honestly a lot closer than what it really was.

So now the Gator fans must sit there and watch Alabama play for it yet AGAIN. The Nick Saban dynasty is raging on, it’s taking no prisoners, it doesn’t care about our feelings and the fact that we  may be a bit sick of seeing this play out every year. However, that’s okay, I can live with Alabama taking home another championship. I’m officially numb to Bama dominating every season, there is a potential much worse result that could happen next week; Georgia winning.

Georgia has thoroughly dominated Florida on the recruiting trail since the hiring of Kirby Smart. They have pretty much dominated the Gators on the field as well, the only victory Dan Mullen and Florida had over Kirby Smart came in 2020. That 2020 victory brought a lot of hope to the Florida Gator fanbase, that would be the victory that changed the tide in that rivalry. Turns out that victory was only good for 365 days, Georgia hammered the Gators 34-7 in October and continued their march towards the 2021 title game.

There are some fans who chant “SEC, SEC, SEC” at the thought of this title game. Alabama is currently SEC and NCAA royalty against Georgia, the newer rising power in college football. Don’t forget we also saw this match-up in January of 2018, Georgia had the championship in their grasps until Alabama ripped it away in overtime. This is the result the Gator nation should be looking for again. You cannot have your arch-rival taking home their first championship since 1980, you cannot have them build on their already ridiculously strong recruiting classes. Yes, Alabama winning almost every year is also nauseating, but this isn’t anything new. A victory for Georgia could just be the beginning for Smart and the Bulldogs.

Regardless of the outcome, Georgia will be in the playoff picture almost every year unless one team can stop them. That team is the Florida Gators. The Bulldogs SEC East dynasty will push forward, and most likely they will enter the SEC championship game every season with one or even zero losses. We saw this year that they could be thumped in the SEC title game and still make it to the playoff. It will be up to Billy Napier and his Florida Gators to take a stand to the Bulldogs in their annual showdown in Jacksonville.

Napier isn’t inheriting the best team, so expect Georgia to once again be playing for the SEC championship in 2022 as well as they will once again beat Florida next season. Napier will hopefully have the Gators ready to compete for an SEC East championship in 2023.

For now, Roll tide. Also, please Billy Napier, don’t make us watch this game again.