Florida football news: Houston Texans lasso Jonathan Greenard

Florida football sends another playmaker to the NFL, this time it’s linebacker Jonathan Greenard. 

Florida football linebacker Jonathan Greenard was drafted in the third round at No. 90 by the Houston Texans. The third round is what many consider to be the “sweet spot” in the draft; it’s where great value is found, and tomorrow’s stars are missed.

Jonathan Greenard is 6-foot-3, 263 lbs, which is a fine size for a linebacker headed to the NFL. He also ran a 4.87-second 40-yard dash at the combine.

While at Florida football Greenard specialized in disrupting opposing offenses either by stripping running backs or swatting down quarterback attempts.

His ability to get his hands up into throwing lanes is uncanny, it’s as if he has his opponents playbook.

Greenard also displayed a knack for getting to the quarterback. In 2019 he led the SEC in sacks with 10. He was a major factor in Florida football having the ninth-best defense in the country.

In addition to his fantastic SEC-leading sack numbers, Greenard also had three forced fumbles, and eight quarterback hurries. He has an excellent motor and never gives up on a play.

Jonathan Greenard Fitting in Houston

The Houston Texans took this linebacker from Florida in hopes he can produce some of the same disruptions he did on the college level. They need to inject some life into a defense whose best player, J.J Watt, is on the last leg of his career.

In 2019 Houston amassed a meager 31 sacks the entire season; they finished the season tied with Cincinnati at 26th in the league.

When asked about a specific role and playing ability, Coach Bill O’Brien had this to say about Greenard.

“I think if you’re talking base defense,I think he’d probably be at outside linebacker, I think he’d be at a SAM,” O’Brian told reporters on April 24, after day two of the draft. ” I think he’d be able to play SAM. I also think he could go to the open side and play a five-technique. He’s got size, he’s got strength. Then when you get to sub defense, it’s just anywhere.”

It seems as though O’Brian has a plan for his new piece on defense, which he’ll need to be part of a competitive AFC South.

The AFC South has become increasingly competitive over the past few seasons. The Titans came within one game of the Super Bowl, the Colts signing of Phillip Rivers proves their seriousness, and the Jaguars are fully supporting Gardner Minshew.

Houston seems to understand that the level of competition has risen, which is why they looked to Florida football for a great competitor. Greenard is a nice fit for a hard-nosed coach like O’Brian.

Florida football: Jonathan Greenard final draft grade

This former Gator landing in Houston is good for him. He has a ringing endorsement from the head coach, and a stable franchise to walk into.

Greenard also gets a new defensive coordinator in Anthony Weaver. Weaver being in the first-year of duties should come loaded with new ideas and schemes.

Weaver gets a fresh, young linebacker who completes every tackle, his Florida tape proves this.

Of course with all of the good comes some bad. This LB is not world-class. His talent is good, but not off the charts. He lacks some burst, and his spin-move does need work.

The Texans got a good, solid player. I’m sure they saw a constant worker or an energizer bunny-if you will. Greenard is a fine pick in the third round, but I’d rather him in the fourth.

The Texans acquired a nice role player, but not tomorrow’s star. C-