Florida football: Freddie Swain worth the gamble in Seattle

Former Florida football wide receiver Swain appears to be a solid fit for Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks.

At first, it might have seemed to be an odd pairing when the Seattle Seahawks drafted Florida football wide receiver Freddie Swain with the 214th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.

But, upon further review, the match doesn’t seem to be all that bad of a deal.

Swain, in his senior year at Florida, hauled in seven touchdowns and distinguished himself as one of Kyle Trask’s more reliable receivers.

And while his stats don’t necessarily pop out at you, the game film shows a clutch, versatile playmaker that produces in big games and crucial moments.

Once he graduates from special teams and proves his valor to Pete Carroll, he’ll start making guest appearances on offense.

These guest-spots may be a jet-sweep or an end-around to throw the defense off balance. Florida football started using him in this hybrid role during the 2019 season, and although the sample size is small he averaged just over six yards a carry.

Swain’s quickness and reliable hands separate him from other ball catchers, and with the help of a talented quarterback like Russell Wilson, it should be interesting to watch his improvements while in the league.

Freddie Swain is not only a good fit bringing his multi-dimensional play to Seattle, but he is a perfect fit for quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson is somewhat of a magician in the pocket and his elusiveness allows receivers extra time to get open. His Houdini-like escapism is not always by design and begs for receivers to reroute, which is where Swain comes in.

Undervalued amongst his other qualities is his natural ability to work back to the ball. There were times at Florida football where Kyle Trask or Feleipe Franks were under duress and Swain made his way through defenders, becoming available and saving the play.

Florida Football: Final Grade on Freddie Swain’s Draft Position

Although I’m sure Freddie Swain would’ve loved being drafted higher and easing the minds of his family and friends, going from Florida to Seattle is a perfect transition.

Carroll did find a stable backup for slot receiver, Phillip Dorsett.

And while it’s clear that Seattle has genuine talent at receiver, it’s also true that they lack proper depth there as well.

The Seahawks are currently in the better half of the league when it comes to passing, but the addition of Swain should give Wilson a much-needed extra weapon in a competitive NFC West division.

Seattle gets an instant shot in the arm on special teams. Freddie should be able to contribute immediately in the return game. He may even shake enough defenders to score a touchdown. (A feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 2015, by Tyler Lockett.)

This late-round pick works for both parties. Carroll and company get another dual-threat athlete in the building, and Swain gets to start his professional career with Russell Wilson.

This marriage has my blessing. B+