Florida football: 3 big impact sophomores for the Gators

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Next season, Florida football will have a lot of weapons. But, the good thing is they also have a very talented group of underclassmen that will be looked upon.

Florida football has been known to produce some very, very good underclassmen. This crop is certainly no different.

Freshmen heading into their first college experience are really expected one true accomplishment, and that is to find things. Find your classes, find your fields and areas of recreation, and most importantly find yourself.

Once your navigational skills peek, and life slows down, then you can zero in on the reason why you came: Football!

With all the rigors of the freshman year behind you, 5-star recruits can finally start to blossom and flourish just as they did in the environments they were plucked from.

Unlike the freshmen, a sophomore is ready to perform without any nervousness. No longer carrying bags for seniors, or enduring playful hazing, these sophomores are ready for the bright lights.

Here are my picks to avoid the sophomore slump and accelerate towards greatness with Florida football.

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