Florida football: Five players we wish we could see in spring

This is poised to be one of the great years for Florida football. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the next time to watch the Gators will be.

If you are like me then you have been waiting for this year’s spring game, and a while now. After all of the hype around all of the recruits they signed and all the returning stars.

So they canceled the sping game and left us with only a thought of those we wanted to see in spring. That got me thinking of those players that I was looking forward to seeing this spring.

I came up with five guys that I can’t wait to see put on that blue and orange this year. Will they be even better this year? Will they meet the expectations put upon them? Who rises to be above we expect?

Anthony Richardson QB

Being a quarterback for Florida football is not an easy task. There are high expectations for most positions for the Florida Gators but QB may be the top the list of great quarterbacks to come from UF is a long and beautiful list. From Steve Spurrier, Tim Tebow to today’s Kyle Trask.

That’s right Trask, he will go down as a Gator great after this year. I believe Emory Jones will still make his make in college football one day as well.

But a guy I can’t wait to see sling the ball for the Gators is Richardson. When you watch this guy he is a prototypical dual-threat QB.

He can take it to the house on every carry but can stand in the pocket and hit a guy on the run deep downfield. This guy is legit and will put the pressure on the other QB’s to be at their best. He seems like a perfect fit for Mullens offense and I can’t wait to see him play.

Johnathan Odam TE

There is no doubt that the position of tight end for Florida football is in very good hands for years to come. We know Kyle Pitts will be the starter and for good reason.

He is one of the best in the country. It would only seem fitting that he will find his way to the NFL soon. When he does leave the position will be held down by a few really good players. Incoming freshman Johnathan Odam is one.

This guy knows how to play the position. He has great hands and he runs with a purpose. He is a guy that will play far above the stars they gave him in HS. Being behind guys like Pitts can only make you better. Two things that stand out to me one, his run blocking and the second is how much he reminds me of Pitts. I can’t wait to see him put on that blue and orange and hit the field.

Lorenzo Lingard RB

We all know the story by now. Five-star running back goes to Miami and it does not work out. He tried the rest and now finds himself with the best.

There is not anyone who will tell you this man cannot play. He is a top running back and was just in a bad situation. He has speed for days and can cut with the quickness of a cat. But even more, is the power that he runs with.

In the RPO offense that Florida football runs he is the prototypical back for this offense. He hits the hole fast and can make that first guy miss, in this offense that will lead to many big runs and long TD’s.

He has a few hurdles with the NCAA to overcome before he can run with the team. But if you do not have him down as one you can’t wait to see, then add him quickly.

Shawn Davis S

Yes, we have seen him do damage for years now with Florida football and I believe we have not seen his best yet. Scary I know.

This is one of the best safeties in the country and what he can bring to the defense this year will be invaluable.

The leadership he brings will be great for some of the young guys we have at that position. But what I can not wait to see is his play. We will be watching an NFL pro dawn that backfield all year and the players he will make, the hits he will bring, they have to be a must-watch.

Lamar Goods DT

This is a guy that I think can come in and play right now. He is very explosive off the line and has the size that makes it hard to stop. He will fit in great on the Gators D-line that is stacked now and in the future.

What Goods brings is an ability to hold his spot for the run and to get into the backfield for the pass. Take a look at how well he controls the line and understands where the play is going.

With those skills paired with a pair of ends that will dominate it will create a defensive line that will be second to none. He is just another player that will come into Florida football and make an impact and I for one can’t wait to see him perform.

These are but a few of the great players that will play in the Swamp.  I could go on for article after article on the players we can’t wait to see for this is a team stacked with talent.  But these are guys I see as the future of the Gators and one sure-fire NFL guy I wish I could see this spring.