Florida football: 5 non-conference opponents we’d like to see

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Florida football has lined up some really good non-conference opponents for the coming years. Then again, they have also lined up some questionable ones.

On the surface, the non-conference schedule for Florida football in the coming years looks fairly aggressive.

They have their usual season-ending scuffle with Florida State, but they also have some very interesting games with Utah, California, Colorado, Arizona State and Texas.

Then again, they also have some dogs.

Charlotte, South Florida, Florida Atlantic, Samford — not to mention the 2020 slate that includes Eastern Washington, South Alabama and New Mexico State — are not that impressive.

I get that finding non-conference opponents with schedule openings and a willingness to travel to Gainesville may not be that easy to do.

First, you have to agree on when and where. Then you have to line up payouts and ticket shares. There’s a lot that goes into getting non-conference opponents.

That’s why it’s much easier to find weaker opponents because they are willing to travel, don’t require a home rematch and will just take the check and move on.

But in a perfect world, here are the five non-conference opponents we’d like to see in the future for Florida football.

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