Florida football: 3 freshman that can right start now

It is almost that time again. Time for Florida football to take the field in search of a National Championship once again. Here’s a look at three freshmen who can make an immediate impact.

I know, the world we live in today makes it seem like what I said about Florida football will only be a dream. But I have faith that by the time (or shortly after) the season is supposed to start, it will.

So hoping we do have football this year, the Gators are stacked from top to bottom. We all know how good the returning players are but they have some top talent coming on as freshmen.

I believe there are many of these young players that can come in and make an impact from the jump. Heck, I think they all could come in and play now. But the talent in front of some of them will be too much to start. I am going to give you three men I feel can start this year and make an impact.

Josh Braun OL

This is probably one of the easiest ones to pick. I don’t think there has been anyone that has not seen him play that does not think he will be a star.

Not something you hear a lot when talking about an offensive lineman. But he has all the goods one could ask for. He can run block with the best of them, right now. Okay, the word is he has a bit of trouble in pass blocking but even so he is still better than most.

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This guy can flat out play football. The holes he will create in the run game will be worth more than anything for Florida football.

The run game was an area of concern week after week last season. The fact is we had really good backs that just could not get the holes they needed. With Braun in the lineup, those holes are going to be opened up.

The Mullen offense workes best-going north and south with quick reads and hits to the line. Braun will allow those quick hits to be available.  I never thought I would say this but I cant wait to see this lineman do his thing. This freshman could start day one.

Tre’Vez Johnson S

When you think of Florida football their is a lot of tradition that comes with it. One of those traditions is in the defensive backfield, DBU.

Florida football has been known for their DB’s forever and this man Johnson will fit that tradition and make it proud. This Is a guy that I never saw a tape of where someone ran away from him. He sticks to a receiver like the gloves on their hands. But the best part of his may be the way he hits!

Those hits are brutal. The Gators already have one of the best sitting at safety in Shawn Davis. Pair him with Johnson and you have two of the hardest hitting guys in football holding down that backfield.

Together they would bring back the days when a receiver had to think about coming across the middle. Johnson has all the skills as well. he is fast, can stay with any receiver and can catch. I believe with the need at the position and the skill of this young man, he can start from day one.

Xzavier Henderson WR

I know, your saying, the one thing we have is receivers. And you are right but there is something about this six-foot-three, 165-pound receiver.

We know the name as the Henderson family has been apart of Florida football for some time. It is not just that though, it is the way he plays the game. He looks as though he is as smooth as anyone in the game.

Like it is effortless to do the job when we all know it is not. he can go up and get the ball and when he does he seems to always come down with it.

He will be a great addition to a receiving unit that will no doubt be one of the best. Can he start? probably not, but can this guy come in and get real game time? Yes, he can and I believe he will do some special things this year.

There are no doubt many top freshmen coming in and in no way are these the only guys that have a chance to start or play.  These are just a few of what I believe will be new freshmen that can come in and contribute day one.

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This should be a fun year and the expectation are high for the newcomers and the team overall.  Here is to a championship year, GO GATORS!

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