Florida football: Recruits pack the house Saturday night.

On Saturday night Florida football took down No. 7 Auburn in the Swamp. This was a big win for the program as it keeps them in line for a chance at the playoffs.

The bigger win for the program is to have such a big win with so many top recruits in the house to watch. This type of win keeps the program in contention for years down the road.

One of the most challenging things about college sports is they must concentrate on the team they have now and the team they will have later.

That is a big responsibility as the two aspects play hand in hand.  They must make up a team that can compete for a title while at the same time trying to bring in more talent for the future.

If you fail on the field while big recruits are watching it may have an impact on your team for years. But when you hit a big win while these guys are in the building, it can also help your team for years. Here are a few that were in the house on Saturday to watch the big win.

Top of the group on hand

On the Casanova’s love and need scale, we have a top score for recruits of 10. Four of the recruits that were in the Swamp on Saturday all fall in this top rang. These are top needs and we would love to see them at Florida.

EJ Smith, yes you know the name alright, Emmitt Smith‘s son EJ is one of the best prospects out there in the Running Back position.  He comes out of Dallas Jesuit high school and has the natural instincts that his father had.

He grew up a Gator fan which is good but the is being pursued by many of the top schools out there. On the Casanova’s love scale, he is an 8. He has speed, agility, ability to hit a hole fast. Come on home Smith, we got you.

Marcus Dumervil, an offensive lineman out of St. Thomas Aquinas high school (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.). He is roughly 6-5 300 pounds. This guy is a whole package, he explodes off the line and creates holes for running, he can fend off a pass rusher and uses his feet extremely well.

On our scale, we give him a 9. This guy has all the skills needed to take the Florida football line to be the best in the SEC. With all recruits, we still need to see what they do with next-level competition. They say LSU has the inside but after Saturday night who knows. We will welcome you to Gainsville with open arms.

Darnell Washington, A tight end out of Desert Pines High School (Las Vegas, NV) could be one of the biggest recruits to visit this week. with all the top talent this guy can fit into the Mullen offense with ease. He has great hands and at 6-foot-7, 261-pounds he is a load to bring down once he gets going.

But his best attribute to me might be his run blocking. He is a very good run blocker which is sorely needed. Has lands a 9 as well on our recruiting scale. They say he lands in Georgia, but once you go to Florida, as he did this weekend, he will never want to leave.

Zykeivous Walker, A defensive end out of Schley County high school. At 6-4 260 pounds, he is a force on the defensive line. He is strong and fast, two elements that O linemen hate. He has some great technique for his age as his footwork gives him an advantage.

He will see much better comp in college but he should hold his own and then some. Again Georgia is said to be a lock for him, but he was in the swamp Saturday so one never knows.

Florida football, future is bright

These were just four of the recruits that were in the Swamp Saturday. There were many that made the trip to see one of the best games of the season so far. Whether we land one two or 12 that showed up, Florida football had a batch of great recruits Saturday night and in the end, we will only get better by those that come to Gainsville.

We want to welcome Issiah Walker who committed, as we called, with this tweet.

Welcome to Gator Nation!!

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The future is bright and only getting brighter every day.

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