Florida football: The defense showed up with power

On Saturday afternoon in Gainsville, Florida football took on the Tennessee Volunteers in an SEC east conference game.

Florida football defeated Tennessee 34-3 in a match that was not close from start to finish as the offense ran smooth and the defense showed up with power.

Florida football defense

On Saturday the defense showed up and took care of business as they almost pitched a shutout, giving up only three points.

This was the lowest output for a Tennessee team against Florida since1994. All aspects of the defense we’re running well from the D line, where they held the Tennessee running game to only 88 yards on the day. To the backfield that had three interceptions.

One of the beauties of the defense in this game was there was not one person who did any more than the others they played a great team defense game. Last week’s big star, David Reese II, came up with a good game, he had a total of 5 tackles on the day.

Jonathan Greenard had another great game as well, he recorded four solo tackles, two for a loss, one sack, and a forced fumble. he also had three pass blocks as well. But the biggest thing this defense did Saturday was the takeaways.


They had three interceptions and a fumble recovery which in total led to 10 points on the board. Try Dean III had the first of the three as the Vols were knocking on the endzone door. The ball got tipped and Dean picked it out of the air.

Marco Wilson then grabbed a second-quarter interception on a third-down play. Wilson also got a tipped ball in the third that Amari Burney caught for another one of the interceptions.

Burney was also the guy in the right spot when Jonathan Greenard forced a fumble and Burney got the recovery.

Total domination

The defense played well in every way on Saturday as they stepped up to hold down the Tennesse offense. Tennessee gained 151 yards passing and 88 yards rushing and three points. Along with the four turnovers, these are the type of numbers that if Florida puts up in every game, they will win.

They have gained momentum each week and as they role into a week where they take on Towson at home, they will be looking to improve on these numbers. That sounds like high expectations, they are, and I am sure the defense will show up again, with power.