Florida Football: Five players to watch for Florida

On Saturday Florida football will take on the Tennessee Volunteers in Gainsville for the second game of the SEC play.

Each week we will take a look at five players for the Gators that I feel will make a difference in the game. These may not be the guys that take over and win a game, or they might.

One thing for sure is these are five guys that everyone should keep an eye on.

Florida football quarterbacks

For the obvious reasons the first gator to keep an eye on is Kyle Trask. Coach Mullen announced at the beginning of the week that the Gators would go to the two-quarterback system saying each guy had his strengths.  Trask came in after Feleipe Franks went down near the end of the third quarter against Kentucky.

He had a great night leading the Gators to three scores and a come from behind victory. What we saw was a guy that was well prepared and ready to lead this team. As coach Mullen said in the post-game press conference;

“Guys that work and prepare so they’re ready to go. Kyle has been waiting for his moment. We expect him to (play well). We believe in him and the team believes in him. He’s a starter just like Feleipe is. He came in here and played that way.”

Trask gives you that pocket passer ready to eat a defense apart. he is the top player to watch this week.

Our next player to watch should be no surprise, Emory Jones. Jones is a dynamic dual-threat quarterback that can cause havoc for opposing defenses. He can run for big gains and then step back and drop a dime to a receiver. The receivers are also behind Jones as they know what he can do. After the Georgia game last season Van Jefferson had this to say about Jones;

 “I feel like he’s going to lead this program to a national championship in time,” 

This could just be the year that he makes that happen. He is only a redshirt freshman but he has been around Mullen’s system and he makes his reads quick. Something that is needed in his offense. When he comes into the game what he will bring is a different pace from Trask, it is this pace change that can throw a defense off.

Keep an eye on Jones as he will most definitely make something exciting happen.

Florida running game

Lamical Perine is another one to keep an eye on. Although the running game has not been what they hoped up until this point, they are solid. He has only 120 yards on the season but it has not been all his fault.  The offensive line has not been up to par and has hurt the running game a bit.

This is the precise reason he is one to watch. He has too much talent and that line will come together and when it does he will have one of those games that we have been waiting for. Last week was rough on him and the running game, but when you see a guy like Jefferson take one 70+ yards on an end-around, you know they can do better.

Perine runs hard, works hard and wants to get more touches and the only way that happens is if he does good. With too much talent to be kept down, Perine will be one to watch.

Florida football defense

As with the offense I could have picked five on the defense alone to watch. But I will give two that will be sure to make an impact.

David Reese II has had a week to remember. After getting 16 tackles (13 solo) against Kentucky he was named one of Florida’s players of the game. He then was presented with the SEC player of the week and right after that, the National Player of the week.  Big week for the redshirt freshman.

This is just the type of thing that can pump a guy up and take him to that next level. He seems to be dialed in right now and he should have a say in that Tennessee running game. Look for Reese to shine at home and have another big night.

The final player that is worth keeping an eye on is Zachary Carter. Carter came in when Jabari Zuniga went down. He took over for the Kentucky game and had a nice game and recorded 3 tackles.  Even if Zuniga does play Carter will be called on plenty for this game. He will be a key to help stop the running game. Carter states;

”Coach always says next man up, when your number’s called you have to be ready to play,” he said. If he can come in and get some pressure on the QB and hold those runs to short or no gain, it will go a long way to preserve a win. Carter is one to watch.

All eyes on Florida football

This is a big game as the Gators are looking for a title run and taking down a conference foe is a must to achieve this. Florida football has had its share of injuries and has had to have many step up, and they have.

I expect this week to be no different as all the Gators will be ready to take the field on Saturday. The five I have mentioned are sure to ones to watch but they a part of a team that the nation should all be keeping an eye on.