Jalen Jones transfers from Florida to Jackson State

Amid sexual battery accusations, ex-Florida Gator prospect decides on SWAC squad.

Highly-touted freshman quarterback Jalen Jones has decided to move on from the Florida Gators and on to Jackson State, according to a report from ESPN.com.

Jones elected to transfer following accusations made by two students alleging Jones forced himself on them while they were visiting him in his dorm room.

No charges were filed against Jones as the two students elected not to press charges.

Jones’ former roommate and fellow freshman, Chris Steele also decided to transfer following news he complained about living with Jones, but no action was taken by Florida staff. Subsequently, Jones decided to transfer to Oregon to play next season.

Florida Gators’ head football coach Dan Mullen has come under fire for his handling (or lack of) the Steele situation. In a stop for his annual booster tour, Mullen said he will “take an extremely strong stance on that (violence against females).”

“I don’t see anything acceptable about that, any violence against women, whether it’s a violent act or wrongful sexual act toward women,” Mullen said. “But I also like to have all the information before making final decisions.”

Jones was suspended after the allegations surfaced.

And, he is not the only member of the Florida Gators’ football team facing similar circumstances.

Assistant Director of Player Personnel, Otis Yelverton was arrested for cyberstalking after allegedly threating his ex-girlfriend via text message. Safety Brian Edwards was recently arrested for battery and pled not guilty after being accused of grabbing his girlfriend by the neck.

Yelverton remains on staff at Florida while Edwards has been suspended from team activities, but still attending classes.

According to ESPN.com, Jackson State did confirm the arrival of Jones on campus, but declined to address any of the allegations against him.

Jones was ranked No. 11 by ESPN in the 2019 class and did play in Florida’s spring game in April. Jones went 1-for-3 with five yards passing in the game. He also rushed for 63 yards and a touchdown on three carries for the Orange team.