Week 6 Prediction: Florida Gators vs. LSU Tigers

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 07: Brad Stewart #2 of the Florida Gators atttempts a reception during the game against the LSU Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on October 7, 2017 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 07: Brad Stewart #2 of the Florida Gators atttempts a reception during the game against the LSU Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on October 7, 2017 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

Week 6 Prediction: Florida Gators vs. LSU Tigers
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Steve Spurrier- Florida Field
Gainesville, FL

There’s no doubt that the Florida Gators have had some slices of humble pie since the tough home loss to Kentucky. Florida has improved each week and has found various ways to get wins, but are they ready for their biggest test to date? Well, I think so, but the Gators will need a complete team effort for four quarters on Saturday afternoon against LSU.

“The Swamp— only Gators get out alive.” That’s the slogan that breathes fear in each opponent’s minds when they enter the megastructure that the Gators call home. I personally believe that Florida and Auburn are the loudest and most intimidating environments in the SEC and in the country along with Penn State. Well, LSU has already won at Auburn, and the Tigers are just the type of team that can walk into the Swamp and get out alive. Why? LSU has an accurate quarterback, who’s getting better and more comfortable in this offense each week. The pieces around LSU QB Joe Burrow don’t really stand out, but I wouldn’t exactly call them weak either. Burrow and this offense will not beat themselves and put their defense in difficult circumstances. Burrow came from Ohio State and has been around to massive Big Ten stadiums already. As a member of the Buckeyes, Burrow traveled to Happy Valley, Kinnick Stadium, and the Big House. Furthermore, Burrow has already taken the Tigers to Jordan Hare just three weeks ago and made the plays late in the game necessary to put LSU in a position to win. Burrow is clearly the type of battle-tested QB that can lead his team into the Swamp and not get rattled by the environment. Burrow will handle the pressure in the most hostile environment he’s seen to date. And the poised veteran can dissect Florida’s fast and aggressive defense and find holes in the banged up UF secondary if given the time.

LSU won’t need Burrow to light up the Gators either, not with his defense. LSU has one of the best defenses in the country through the first five weeks. The Tigers’ front four is every bit as physical and active as the one the Gators saw last week against Mississippi State, and could be deeper. Not to mention that their second and third levels of that defense are without a doubt more talented across the board.

This will be the best secondary that UF will have seen to this point, but fortunately for Florida— the Gators have a pretty good one of their own that they see each day in practice and throughout fall camp. UF has a deep and talented cast of receivers that seem to be developing more and more chemistry in this offense each week. Florida can win 1-on-1 battles against the Tigers and I actually like that matchup. But will the offensive line hold off the pass rush long enough for Feleipe Franks to deliver the football? That’s the real question. A point of emphasis has to be establishing Jordan Scarlett and Lamical Perine early in the game. If Florida can get their thoroughbreds going, then that will give Franks some options on the perimeter down the field in man coverage.

One thing worth noting here is that Dan Mullen has been terrific in dialing up game plans this season— one of the many qualities that is proving how good of a coach he is. There was no better observation than last week, when Mullen used screens and quick passes to neutralize the attacking Mississippi State defensive line. The Tigers feature similar attributes on defense to the Bulldogs, but Mullen must tweak that game plan from week-to-week. And there are six million reasons that lie within his salary that shows why I’m pretty sure he’s aware of this.

Now to be fair, Mullen isn’t the only coach that will roam the sidelines on Saturday in the Swamp that has done a masterful job with his team this season. In fact, I’d dare say that LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has even been better so far. Orgeron has been maligned and criticized really since he was anointed the coaching job in Baton Rouge. Coming into this season, many didn’t even think he would survive this season. Yet, here we are in early October, and Orgeron will bring his team to Gainesville undefeated and within the top-5 in the country.

Mullen and Orgeron have only met once in their head coaching careers— just last season when Mullen was at Mississippi State. The game plan that Mullen unveiled was immaculate, as the Bulldogs pounded Orgeron’s Tigers by 30.


Whoever has less turnovers likely wins this game. I’m so nervous going into this game, just because I know that LSU always finds a way to pull it out in the most unbelievable set of circumstances. LSU will give UF all that they can handle, and for the second consecutive week— the Gators will likely be involved in another late game gut-check. The Gators are at home and playing with so much Swamp—fidence right now, and that’s the difference in this game. I think this will be a doozy that comes down to the wire and will be stressful throughout. But in the end, the Gators make the play that sends those ‘Cats crawling back to Baton Rouge.

Florida 24
LSU 21