Top 5 All-Time Best Defensive Backs in Florida Gator History

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Keiwan Ratliff

Years at UF: 2000 to 2003

Position: Corner Back

The Ron Zook-era at Florida is something most Gator fans want scrubbed from their minds but there was a gem from that smoking rubble of awfulness.

At UF, Keiwan Ratliff was the absolute epitome of a playmaking, ball-hawking corner back. Ratliff was just so good at baiting QBs to throw his way, often making it seem the receiver was open, only to snatch an interception.

Ratliff nabbed a crazy nine interceptions in a single season, including three in one game.

Besides just in coverage, Ratliff was electrifying on punt returns, setting the record with 860 yards.

Ratliff kept Gator fans wondering what incredible thing he would do next– he was just that exciting.

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