Rest In Peace Ellis “Pee Wee” Brewer


When the 04s decided to return for their junior season and a run at another national championship, the decision was a difficult one for each to make. They had already won a title together and cemented their status as the greatest Florida Gators’ squad ever. Ahead of them was fame and fortune in the NBA, but at Florida was a chance to take the school to unforeseen heights. Surely it wasn’t an easy decision. For Corey Brewer, it was especially hard.

You may remember, Brewer’s dad – Ellis “Pee Wee” Brewer – had fought diabetes and heart problems for quite some time. The money Brewer would have received from an NBA contract may have gone a long way for the family, but that didn’t matter. Pee Wee wanted the decision to be his son’s and he wanted Corey to do what he wanted. The money didn’t matter to the elder Brewer and the NBA wasn’t going anywhere. If the younger Brewer wanted to return to Florida for another season, his father would more than support that.

Brewer did return and the Gators won another title. Not only would Brewer play an important role on both championship teams, but he was named the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player during the Gators’ second title run. He would join the rest of the 04s and declare for the NBA Draft after their junior season. Brewer was selected seventh overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Since then he was played for the Dallas Mavericks – with which he won a championship last season – and now Brewer is a member of the Denver Nuggets.

On Monday, Brewer took a leave of absence from the Nuggets; Pee Wee passed away at the age of 68. Our thoughts are with the Brewer family. Rest in peace Pee Wee.