Questions with the Enemy: Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs


We have an extra special “enemy” joining us this week in the form of former



Rex Robinson

.  Rex was a three-time All-SEC first-teamer and an All-American in 1980.  He runs

Roughing the Kicker

and was nice enough to answer our questions.

In eight and a half season at Georgia, Mark Richt is an impressive 86-25 (43-20).  Yes, 4-3 (2-2) so far in 2009 isn’t what fans expected, but why in the world are some calling for his head?  What better option do they think there is?  I don’t think there is a better option, and some fans just don’t think period.  There is no doubt that some changes might be in order with the staff, but I hope Mark Richt stays forever.

Joe Cox is playing fairly well in wins, but looks like a different player in losses.  What are the Bulldogs chances this weekend if he doesn’t have his A game from the start?  Not very good…Joe Cox is a slightly above average player who has had to try and be more than that.  Georgia’s lack of a running game has forced him to try and win games versus manage them.  He did win the Arkansas game.  He had the LSU game won but then A.J. Green was penalized for an excessive celebration (bogus) and the rest is history.  If we can’t run just a little, Georgia is in trouble.

Georgia has arguably the best receiver in the nation in A.J. Green.  Florida has two of the more talented cornerbacks in Joe Haden and Janoris Jenkins.  How do they cover Green?  Is safety help the only way to contain him?  Those corners are great, but A.J. Green continues to surprise Dawg fans each and every week and in new ways.  I expect this to be a major key in the game, with Haden winning a few and A.J. a few.  We actually need our other receivers, including TE’s to show up to have a chance.

After Green, the Dawgs have an up-and-down receiving corps (sounds a lot like like Florida!).  Who else do the Gators have to look out for?  Michael Moore (82) has had some solid games.  Tavares King (12) is a sophomore that has contributed lately.  TE’s Aron White (81) and Tampa native Orson Charles (7), a true freshman, will both need to contribute as well.  

Rennie Currian is the undisputed leader of the defense.  How do offenses game plan for a player with virtually no weaknesses in his game?  While Rennie is a great linebacker, he is undersized.  With Florida’s O-line I’m not sure they truly game plan for him specifically.  Tim Tebow is bigger than Rennie and Jeffery Demps and Chris Rainey are faster, so he’s got a tough assignment.  And whoever tries to cover Aaron Hernandez is in deep kimchee.

Tim Tebow and Herschel Walker will be forever linked in SEC lore.  For a long time many have said Walker could have been the greatest to ever play the game.  Recently people are saying the same about Tebow.  Comparing guys that play different positions is tough, but bias aside, who is “greater?”  I’ve already written about this on my blog and I’ve already got Gators chomping on me.  Something new I will add…who is greater, Wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan?  It’s crazy because they played different positions and in different eras.  Even so, they are both in the top 4 scorers in NBA history and truly great in their own ways.

And finally…

Why Georgia?  Were you always a Bulldog?  What made you choose to play college ball in Athens?  I did not grow up a Georgia fan actually.  The way TV was in the 60’s and 70’s the “local” teams, Georgia and Georgia Tech were not on TV that often.  We watched Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC, Notre Dame, blah blah blah.  I was fortunate to be recruited by a few schools that had kickers graduating.  Georgia, Georgia Tech and what was then called Memphis State offered scholarships.  Alabama wanted me to walk on and Notre Dame got in the picture late in the game.  But I had already committed to Georgia.  No, Florida did not recruit me, Berj Yepremian was already on campus and he did pretty well.  Here’s a little known factoid…If my dad had taken a job in Titusville when I was about 10 years old, I would have played high school football with Chris Collinsworth and then, who knows?