Florida Gators 29 – Mississippi State Bulldogs 19


Five field goals.  Three interceptions returned for touchdowns.  And another game that was much more of a thriller than it probably should’ve been.  If anything,


is creating some darn good, heartburn-inducing television in 2009.  Blowouts cause viewers to lose interest – or something like that – so keep it close.  But while you’re at it, just win.  A win is a win and undefeated is better than the alternative.  After all, you could be


.  Shudder!  (Side note having nothing to do with the Gators’ win over

Mississippi State

: the Vols and


have identical 3-4 (1-3) records, you’re permitted to talk trash to those you know that support those schools, feel free, it’s allowed, but don’t say more than you can back up, the season isn’t over yet.)

We here at The Bull Gator debated over posting the numerous things we could say about the Steve Addazio offense.  The offense that was most recently seen calling a timeout on 3rd and 1 to call the play the entire world saw coming.  Yes, the one the Bulldog defense stopped.  Not because of superior talent.  Not because of missed assignments.  But because the Steve Addazio offense has the imagination of that guy you know that plays football video games by calling the same play over and over and over again (I’m looking at you Willy…CB Blitz!).  Might Urban Meyer take over play calling duties?  Might the offense entirely implode in 2010 without #15 to carry the ball 20+ times per game?  Might the offensive line be better prepared with Addazio back at the helm fulltime?  For fun, head over to Addazio’s Wikipedia page.  It contains the line “emphasizing a balanced offense with a tough hard-nosed running game” while referring to what he planned to do with the Florida offense.  Hard-nosed running game?  Check.  As evidenced by mini backs Jeffery Demps and Chris Rainey hurling themselves at 300-lb. defensive tackles over and over again on dive plays.  Balanced offense?  To accomplish that, the offense has to actually consist of more than one QB, one WR, and one TE.  No check.

Oh and don’t ever forget what you witnessed in the 4th quarter.  Tim Tebow under center.  Result, touchdown.

Luckily for Gator Planet (Nation has been dropped for the more inclusive Planet and the elimination of annoyingly rhyming taglines), Addazio’s defensive counterpart is Charlie Strong.  He of a future head coaching gig.  We’re not sure who got through to Carlos Dunlap, but three sacks, one assist on an interception (this should be a stat), and multiple doses of fear injected into MSU offenders.  If there was a most valuable player in this one not named Tebow, it was #8.  With Kimbo Slice Brandon Spikes on the sideline, Dunlap came to life, finally realizing the season had started.  Welcome Carlos, nice of you to join us.

As the season continues to prove itself as the stereotypical “a win is a win” year, we have to quickly move past the games that leave us wondering where the points went.  On to the next game.  The World’s (there’s that whole Planet thing again) Largest Cocktail Party, this year on Halloween.  The children of neighborhoods throughout the great state of Florida better hope for a Gator victory or pennies and travel toothpaste tubes it is.  We’re not opposed to saving the good stuff for better times.