Game Preview: Arkansas Razorbacks @ Florida Gators – 3:30


10 things for today’s





1. Unleashing the offense.  Florida actually ranks sixth in both total yards per game (thanks to being second overall in rushing yards per game) and points scored per game, but sometimes it really doesn’t seem like it.  Look at games against Tennessee and LSU and you would think the Gator offense is all about efficiency and just getting the job done and not making mistakes.  Against everyone else, the Florida O looks to be on full kill mode.  It’s hard to figure out which offense you’re going to get when.

2. Unleashing the offense 2.  Arkansas’ defense isn’t having the best year and gives up nearly 30 points and 400 yards per game.  The Florida offense is the best they’ve faced so Urban Meyer and company need to show the nation that.  While the Gator defense should be able to keep the Razorback offense in check, Arkansas will still score.  Their high-powered offense won’t shut down completely regardless of how good Florida’s D is.  So the offense needs to make up for it.  This needs to be a 500-yard day.

3. Random Omarius Hines fact: Hines doesn’t watch sports or follow college football and has a mean love for cereal.

4. A certain running back needs carries.  Lots and lots of carries.  Florida needs to get Chris Rainey the ball (admit it; you thought I was going to say Emmanuel Moody).  Of the big three Florida running backs, Rainey has the lowest yards per carry, but before you ask why he should get more carries then, remember that number is 7.8.  Yes, both Jeffery Demps and Moody rush for more yards per carry, but Rainey is a spark and, like Demps, you never know when he’s going to break one.  Last year against Arkansas, Rainey went for 103 on only 10 carries.  Give him the ball.

5. Okay, okay.  I might as well add something about Moody.  Did you know that true freshman fifth-string running back Mike Gillislee has only seven less carries than Moody despite not appearing in two full games?  Convinced Moody needs the ball more yet?

6. With that, I might as well say something else about Hines too.  Hines and the player that was supposed to be the number one receiver (Deonte Thompson) have both had catches in two of the five Florida games.  Hines has three more catches for 48 more yards than Thompson.  Just saying.

7. The offensive line has to have a huge game.  With the loss of Matt Patchan for the season, depth may become a serious issue for the Gators.  The offensive line needs to have a big game and protect Tim Tebow while opening holes for the running backs.

8. Jonathan Phillips can’t be the most content Gator on the roster.

9. It’s Carlos Dunlap’s turn.  Brandon Spikes was called out before the LSU game and came up big.  Dunlap on the other hand continued to very quietly contribute.  With the passing offense Arkansas has, it’s Dunlap’s turn to break out.  #8 needs to live up to this talented.  He’s easily one of the best defensive players in the nation, but so far this season he hasn’t shown it.  Now is as good a time as ever.

10. Last season, Florida was coming off a loss before facing Arkansas.  The win over the Razorbacks started the Gators off on a ridiculous tear through the rest of the season.  It would be nice to see that happen again.