Florida Faces Alabama for All the Marbles; It’s SEC Championship Game Time

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is coming and he’s wearing orange and blue. Okay, I know that was awful, but what do you want from me? It’s SEC Championship Game time. I’m like a kid in a bouncy house that hasn’t taken his Ritalin. I’m your coworker who dumps ten packets of Splenda into his coffee every morning because he says it helps him “calm down.” I’m a cracked-up toy making elf and it’s the holiday season. Basically, I’m your standard


fan at this exact moment.

Bring on Alabama and a shot at the national title. The Gators and Crimson Tide are facing off in a game that “should” determine one half of the BCS National Championship. Will it? Who knows! Computers are fickle creatures and there’s no method to their madness. Trying to understand the computer rankings is like trying to comprehend why your credit score dipped below 400 when you only maxed out 20 or so credit cards. Just be happy with the fact that you’re in good health and there’s always a tomorrow.

As for the game, this will be the sixth time these two teams have met for the SEC title, so in keeping with today’s numbers theme, here are six things you need to know. Even if you already know them, just keep reading. I command you, my sheep.

1. Florida’s Speed – Read the last line of this article. That’s right. Chris Rainey averages eight yards a carry and that’s only good for third on the team! They say to get away from an alligator you should run in zigzags. Unfortunately for Alabama, there’s no way to catch a Gator. Bring on the dome. This one should be speed at its best.

2. Alabama’s Size – I get it. Terrence Cody is big. He’s also damn good. Cody has had a huge (pun completely intended) impact on Alabama and will most likely have one in this game. Florida will know where he is and try their best to neutralize him. The battle in the trenches will have an enormous effect on the outcome of this one.

3. The X-Factor – If Tim Tebow wants it, it will happen. Tebow is the kid in the bouncy house. This is his legacy he’s working on here. Heisman Trophies are good. SEC titles and national championships are great. Tebow was an important part of the championship year of 2006. Now he wants to lead the Gators to another one. SAT Question: If Tim Tebow leaves the shotgun formation traveling full speed toward the end zone and Terrence Cody leaves his stance travelling full speed toward the ball carrier, what is the impact the collision will have on the earth? Won’t it be fun to find out?

4. Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban – Florida fans love Meyer. The rest of the world hates him. Alabama fans love Saban. The rest of the world hates him. Regardless of your feelings toward either gentleman, they are both amazing coaches. Any school would be stupid not to want one of these guys to lead their program. There’s a reason why these two schools are in this game.

5. SEC Championship – This isn’t Florida vs. Alabama in the middle of October. This is the SEC Championship Game. The winner could end up winning a national title. This is the Gators’ ninth title game appearance (they’ve won six, including three over Bama). This is the Crimson Tide’s sixth appearance (they’ve won two, both over Florida). Alabama has played Florida in all six of their appearances. Seven SEC champions have gone on to play for the national title. It’s about to be eight.

6. It’s Football – Come on people! Even if you aren’t a fan of either of these schools, how can you not get excited for this game? The national championship picture is muddy at best and this game will play a big part in clearing it all up. Watch it. Love it.