Florida Gators Prepare for Scrimmage Against The Citadel


With all due respect to

The Citadel

– after all, they did agree to play


– this weekend’s game is nothing more than a scrimmage. But despite the fact the Gators will win BIG, there are a few things they need to make sure do or don’t happen.

1. Keep Momentum – Florida’s current run is something usually reserved for video games. Over the last six games – while marching toward a SEC East title – the Gators outscored opponents 299-63. There’s no reason to believe Florida won’t notch another blow out against The Citadel, but they shouldn’t take the Bulldogs for granted. What I mean by this is they have to keep their foot on the accelerator. Teams sometimes play down to their opponents and don’t perform to the level they can. The Gators have FSU and Alabama in the following weeks and must keep playing like they have been going into those games. This is partially why I don’t want to see the second team trot onto the field at the start of the second quarter. Yes, Florida could realistically get out to an early 20+-point lead and not need the stars to stay in, but they need to stretch their playing time a little longer to keep them in rhythm. I’m not saying Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes should still be out there deep into the third quarter, but the starters shouldn’t treat this as a week off.

2. Emmanuel Moody – Moody has come on strong in recent weeks and looks like the between-the-tackles halfback the Gators need. In three games since returning from injury, he has 21 carries for 165 yards, which comes out to 7.9 yards per carry. In a game that could get ugly quickly, Urban Meyer and the coaches may be quick to pull Percy Harvin, Jeff Demps, and Chris Rainey and give the ball to Moody…a lot. But Meyer and Kenny Carter need to be careful. Moody has been hurt a few times this season and he’ll be needed if any of the remaining games are close. If Florida holds a close lead late in a game, Moody is the perfect back to help eat away at the clock. If the Gators do need a back to feed the ball late in the blowout, why not give it to Kestahn Moore? Moore will be playing in his last game in The Swamp and although he’s had some fumble issues over the years, he’s also put together some good games. It would be great to see him get one final hurrah.

3. Don’t Get Too Fancy – Sometimes games like this give teams a chance to try some things they wouldn’t normally attempt. At this stage of the season, there’s no point. The Gators need to keep doing what they’re doing and just get out there and win big. There’s no need to try something they don’t plan on actually doing against the Seminoles or Crimson Tide. This isn’t time to experiment.

4. The Second String – At times this year, the second string has left much to be desired. During 2001 while Rex Grossman was having what probably should’ve been a Heisman year, backup Brock Berlin attempted 79 passes and had at least one touchdown toss in each of the games where he threw the ball. Berlin attempted 10 or more passes on three separate occasions. By comparison, John Brantley has only thrown the ball 17 total times and has never had a game in which he put the ball up more than four times. He’s going to make mistakes, but it’s time to see what he – and the rest of the backups – can do. No one is as sure as they used to be that Tebow will be back next year, so in a game where we know the starters won’t be in very long (even if I do think they should be in a little longer than expected), it’s time to stick to the standard game plan with the backups. There’s a difference between running up the score and getting people experience. And if you don’t think so and will be ready to lambast Meyer if Brantley is throwing passes in the fourth quarter, well go back to Pop Warner. Playing nice and sportsmanship are all good and well, but in college your goals are to win, win big, and develop players. You don’t have the luxury of hoping someone is ready without really knowing he can perform.

This is definitely a style points game. 35-10 won’t do it. The Gators need a win more along the lines of 63-6.