Jacques Rickerson No Longer a Florida Gator


Haters are always quick to point out some of the trouble


football players have gotten into under

Urban Meyer’s

watch. Some can even give you a list of all of the Gators’ brushes with the law. These idiots (in no way is that term used loosely) won’t mention that most (read: all) major programs have similar issues. Anytime you are taking that many young individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life, you are going to have some problems. The haters would want you to believe Meyer himself should be following every one of his players at every moment of the day to make sure they only do the right thing. And if one steps out of line, well then only Meyer is to blame. Well, here’s a situation where the head coach did exactly what he should have.

Although it is obviously not good for the university to have things like this arise, Meyer did the right thing and immediately announced cornerback Jacques Rickerson is no longer part of the team. Rickerson – a reserve – was arrested after attacking his girlfriend rather violently if initial reports are true. Meyer was very quick and to the point stating that Rickerson was gone.

And in the six degrees of separation department: Rickerson is the cousin of fellow former Gator Jamar Hornsby. I don’t even want to get into what Hornsby did to get himself removed from the team again.