Transfer Watch – Florida Gators



The order of the list is based on the likelihood we believe the specific player will pack his bags.

1. Mon Williams, HB/LB, RSO – For obvious reasons. Williams has already mentioned he plans on transferring due to a lack of playing time. He wants to be closer to his family and of course, wants to have a real chance to get on the field. I can’t blame Williams and do sincerely wish him luck.

2. Cameron Newton, QB, SO – When both Newton and John Brantley signed their letters of intent to play for Florida, the question immediately came up: which one would transfer? In 2007, Brantley redshirted as Newton became Tim Tebow’s backup, but in 2008 we’ve seen Brantley come in during a few blowouts. Although it could change, at the moment it looks like Newton is the odd quarterback out.

3. James Wilson, OL, RFR – After almost transferring last season, Wilson looks like he could be a likely candidate again. In his second year, he doesn’t appear to be any closer to being the star we all thought he would be. It wouldn’t be a complete shock if Wilson actually did take the plunge following this season.

4. John Jones, LB, SO – Only three linebackers get on the field at a time and the Gators have plenty that can play. There are two reasons Jones could seek playing time elsewhere: 1) none of the key guys at the position are seniors (even though Brandon Spikes could leave early) and 2) his linebacker classmates – Lorenzo Edwards and Brandon Hicks – seem to get talked about a lot more than him.

5. Omarius Hines, WR, FR – Three wide receivers signed as part of the Gators’ last recruiting class. There’s not a good chance all three will be at UF for their entire college careers. Hines is the odd man out because he’s not from the state of Florida and the other two seem to have received a little more publicity since arriving in Gainesville. We’ll keep a watch on this one because Hines could be replaced with one of the others, but there’s a very high chance one receiver from the roster will transfer in the next couple of years.

6. Adrian Bushell, CB, FR – Bushell has a very similar situation to Hines’. The position was loaded from his recruiting class and there’s a very slim chance all of them will stick around. However, Bushell might be a little less likely than Hines to leave at this stage because there’s always room for improvement in the secondary. It could be hard for him to crack the lineup though. Joe Haden is a sophomore and Janoris Jenkins already looks like the real deal as only a true freshman. Add Jeremy Brown – who had a good fall camp – to the mix.

7. Torrey Davis, DT, SO – Neither of us wanted to put Davis anywhere on this list, but he’s now a year and a half into his college career and has yet to take a starting position like expected almost right out of the gate. Part of that is due to some questionable issues that kept Davis out of Urban Meyer’s good graces, but either way, he’s not doing what was expected of him on the field.

8. Steve Wilks, FB RFR – During the offseason, it sounded like Wilks – converted from linebacker – could get a good amount of playing time. Well that hasn’t happened and a more talented fullback – T.J. Pridemore – is a year younger. Wilks could probably see the field quite a bit at a school like UCF or USF.

9. Omar Hunter, DT, FR – Hunter – like Davis – didn’t take over the position like expected, but perhaps the bigger factor is Greg Mattison. There were rumors Hunter wasn’t happy when Mattison left for the Baltimore Ravens. No one is 100% sure of the validity of those rumors, but if Hunter doesn’t get a significant amount of playing time during his second year, he could begin to question his decision.

10. Will Hill, S, FR – Hill has superstar written all over him. He’s already looked great on special teams and has shown some moments of flash when he gets in on defense. So what’s the problem? The two starting safeties are only sophomores and are both playing pretty well. Many expected Hill to take over the starting job from Ahmad Black by the midway point of the season. Well, we’re at the midway point and Black is still doing a good job. Hill will see the field – he’s too talented not to – it just remains to be seen how much and when.