Florida Gators 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Swamp,

Not a creature was stirring, and nary a Chomp.

The Gator Nation faithful were filled with good cheer,

In hopes that Tim Tebow would soon reappear.


In Orange and Blue snuggies they slept in their bed,

While visions of Sugar Bowls danced in their heads.

I in blue sweater, with an F on my cap,

Had just hunkered down for a short winter’s nap.


When down on the field, there arose such a noise,

I looked out to see, Dem ole Gator Boys.

They practiced, they grinded, they worked on their plays,

‘Cause Louisville’s coming, ’tis a matter of days.


The Swamp was all filled with mem’ries of yore,

Of players and coaches who’d been there before.

There’s Graves and there’s Dickey,  there’s Pell, and there’s Hall,

There’s Spurrier, Zook, Meyer, Muschamp and all.


There’s Emmitt and Percy, Kerwin Bell and Chris Leak,

Wuerffel and Tebow,  of Heismans they speak.

There’s Youngblood and Marshall, the Eraser, and Spikes,

All big Gator hitters, that make ‘em go “yikes”.


On Driskel and Gilly, on Bostic, and Floyd,

On Loucheiz and Elam, punt returners avoid.

On Muschamp, and Pease, not to mention Dan Quinn,

On Durkin and Young, help the Gators to win.


They’ve readied their offense, to pass and to run,

And Driskel’s all ready to throw out of the ‘gun.

They hired a Joker, to teach how to catch,

With Louisville coming, there’s a victory to fetch.


The Gators fell short of their goal in the East,

But twelve wins are in sight, and next year they will feast.

For now they will practice, and recruit like a boss,

Get better and better, ’til they’re the big hoss.


Kelvin Taylor is coming and so is Will Grier,

To fill Gator Nation with lots of good cheer.

From Hargreaves to Fulwood, Marcel Harris and Lane,

The Gators are sexy to recruits once again.


The future looks bright, as the present shines clear,

The Gators are back, and will stay year to year.

One more big game, against coach Strong and his team,

A Sugar Bowl victory danced ’round in their dreams.


So as you sip on your eggnog, wrap presents you bought,

Remember the joy that these Gators have brought.

Through all the adversity put in their way,

They tossed it aside like a pile of hay.


They fought and they toiled, through thick and through thin,

They worked and they grinded though exhaustion set in.

They followed the plan that the coaches had set,

And never complained, nor whined, nor did fret.


Coach Muschamp set out to toughen this team,

So again we are proud, “Go Gators” to scream.

“We are the Boys”, together we stay,

To weather each storm, each night and each day.


So as I lay down on a cold winter’s night,

Christmas wishes to all Gator Nation tonight.

As the last echoes roll ‘cross the turf in the Swamp,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Chomp!






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