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First things first, if you woke up this morning, got your cup of coffee and headed to your computer to take in all the Internet had to offer, good for you. You’re off to a rousing (and very familiar start). However, you may have done so with the intent to go to The Bull Gator and for that I thank you. Right now, you’re probably wondering where it went and what you’re looking at. If you missed yesterday’s update, you’re sure to be thoroughly confused. No need to fret, it’s still me – TBG, or Joel if you wish – will some nice new digs and a great network – FanSided – of support behind me.

The Bull Gator has moved here to Hail Florida Hail. For those of you that have followed me through my attempts at blogging over the past nearly four years, it’s still me. For those of you new to what I have to offer, glad to meet you. For you all, welcome and feel free to take a look around. Every post relating to the Florida Gators has been transferred over from The Bull Gator. If you want to scroll back through the archives, be my guest. If not, there’s plenty of new content to come.

Over the next few days, weeks, months and hopefully years, Hail Florida Hail will become a community for Florida fans and rivals alike. There’s nothing wrong with some good-natured and humorous trash talk, but at the same time, leveraging the power of a network means learning more about not only the Gators, but their opponents as well. I welcome comments from any and all, but try to keep it clean for the kiddies (as best you can; the heat of the moment can get to all of us, me included). Initially, the focus will be on football and men’s basketball. What can I say? I know what I know. But you can get some tidbits about other Florida sports from the new Twitter account and Facebook page and if you’re looking for college football and basketball banter from outside of the orange and blue arena follow The Bull Gator as well.

As for me, I’ll give you a little bit, but if you must know more A) I’m not all that exciting and B) an about page will be going up sometime this week. For now, here’s the short of it. The Bull Gator started in 2008 as an expansion of emails between friends. Over the years, I became a member of both the FWAA and USBWA, wrote guest pieces on numerous sites and appeared on various radio shows. My latest stint – along with running The Bull Gator the entire time – was at Alligator Army where I focused mainly of the Gators’ football recruiting exploits. And all of that eventually brought me here.

Over time, I hope to build Hail Florida Hail and possibly bring on a writer or two or five while building it into a place for you to discuss all you wish about Florida sports. For now, enjoy. “There’s no other name so GLORIOUS, ALL HAIL, FLORIDA, HAIL!”

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